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Customs Seizes 11,031 Tons of Illegal Imported Waste Paper

Audit-Based Control over Solid Wastes: Customs Seizes 11,031 Tons of Illegal Imported Waste Paper
In order to strengthen customs control over solid wastes, Department of Audit-Based Control and Risk Management, GACC, has organized competent Customs divisions nationwide to carry out special audits over the industries such as waste plastics, waste hardware and waste paper.
Therein, from March to November 2017, all the Customs in China audited totally 1,115 enterprises of importing or processing waste plastics and found 233 of them with problems involving 280,900 tons of imported waste plastics, valued at 1.256 billion Yuan; since November 2017, the special audit has been imposed on the industry of waste hardware, with 38 enterprises identified as problematic, involving 10,100 tons of imported waste hardware, valued at 105 million Yuan; since January 1, 2018, the waste-paper industry has also been under the special audit.
Till March 15, Shijiazhuang Customs has found 10 enterprises suspected of reselling the import license of solid wastes, selling imported solid wastes without official permission, etc., including 2,362 tons of imported waste plastics, 2,225 tons of imported waste hardware and 11,031 tons of imported waste paper, totally valued at 63.8354 million Yuan.


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